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stone composite snare drum

The development of the stone snare drum started from the thought that the unique tone of the stone would be connected to drums. The material was developed forward since 2007 in a national research project coordinated by KUMU, Finnish drum maker. The base for this material is stone mass and binders are polymers which imitate, among others, glue polymers which appear in wood. Without these glue materials the wood structure wouldn’t hold together either. The result of the project was a material where the combination of the stone and acoustically active polymers was optimal for the sound of the drum.

Perhaps the most common and interesting observation has been that soundwise the stone drum falls right between metal and wood snares. This drum is extremely sensible thanks to its thin cast shell. The shell thickness for the top of the shell is 5,5 mm and 4,5 mm for the bottom. This way the weight of the stone drum has reduced and the fundamental pitch of the shell remains very low and resonant.

The ever important bearing edges on a steatite composite drum are extremely smooth, hard and slippery. This makes tuning easy and produces as pure and healthy a sound as possible. The bearing edge has a 45 degree chamfer cut on the interior side of the shell and the outer side of the shell is slightly rounded. The snare bed is wide and deep.

The cast shell comes with a natural finish which means that the fine patterns of the stone are visible, also on the inside. Furthermore the shell is resistant to any weather changes.

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Pro 1 Stone

The model Pro1 features chrome die cast hoops and Dunnett or Trick throw off.

Pro 2 Stone

The model Pro 2 features chrome 2,3mm steel hoops and P Classic throw off.